State employees endorse Jerome Moon for State House District 8

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Employees Action Movement (TEAM-PAC) endorses Jerome Moon, R-Maryville, for State House District 8.

“Our goal is to help elect candidates who support state employees,” TEAM-PAC Administrative Committee Chair Patricia Bowman said. “Rep. Moon has shown that he is willing to listen our concerns and work with state employees on realistic solutions to challenging problems, including sponsoring and co-sponsoring legislation when necessary. Rep. Moon recently co-sponsored our bill to restore longevity to all state employees. For these reasons, we proudly endorse Jerome Moon for Tennessee House District 8.”

TEAM-PAC is the political action committee of the Tennessee State Employees Association. Founded in 1974, TSEA represents the rights and interests of 40,000 state employees in Tennessee and has a rich history of improving the lives of its state employee members. For further information, visit TSEA’s website at