State Employees Endorse Patsy Hazlewood for Tennessee House District 27

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The official political action committee of the Tennessee State Employees Association (TSEA), TEAM PAC, has endorsed Patsy Hazlewood for Tennessee House District 27.

“Patsy Hazlewood understands that the dedication of state employees is essential for delivering quality public services. Her leadership and advocacy for economic growth and job security benefit state employees across Tennessee. Patsy’s efforts to support state employees and their families make her a trusted representative. We proudly endorse Patsy Hazlewood for Tennessee House District 27,” said Pat Bowman, TEAM PAC Chair.

TEAM PAC believes that Patsy Hazlewood’s commitment to state employees and her proven leadership make her the ideal candidate to represent Tennessee House District 27.

“We urge every voter in the 27th District who values quality public services and the hard-working state employees who provide them to support Patsy Hazlewood,” Bowman also said.