State Employees Honor Senator Ken Yager With Prestigious Caribe Award

Pictured left to right: TSEA Executive Director LaTanya McAdoo, Sen. Ken Yager, TEAM PAC Chair Patricia Bowman, TSEA Government Affairs Director Terry Carroll | © 2024 TSEA

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – TEAM PAC, the official political action committee of the Tennessee State Employees Association (TSEA), is proud to announce that Senator Ken Yager has been awarded the distinguished Caribe Award. The award was presented during the 50th Anniversary Representative Assembly, held June 13-15 at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Spencer, Tennessee, in recognition of Senator Yager’s exceptional support and advocacy for state employees.

Senator Yager, a long-time ally of TSEA, has been instrumental in sponsoring and supporting legislation that benefits state employees. His unwavering commitment to improving the working conditions, pay, and benefits for state employees has earned him this prestigious honor. The Caribe Award, named after the fearless Caribe piranha, acknowledges legislators who have demonstrated remarkable strength and tenacity in their advocacy for state employees. Senator Yager is the tenth recipient of this award.

“I’m proud to be associated with the TSEA, and here’s why: TSEA is one of the best assets to the state of Tennessee,” Senator Yager said. “You do a good job, and you bring credit to Tennessee. Why shouldn’t we do all we can to support you when you do everything you can to serve people in this state?”

TSEA’s former Executive Director Randy Stamps introduced Senator Yager at the TEAM PAC Convention, highlighting his consistent and impactful support for TSEA’s legislative agenda. Senator Yager’s advocacy has been pivotal in ensuring that the interests of state employees are represented and protected within the legislative framework.

“Senator Yager has been a frequent sponsor of legislation that supports TSEA’s legislative agenda, and he is a friend we can always count on,” said TEAM PAC Chair Patricia Bowman. “His dedication to the well-being of state employees is truly commendable, and this award is a testament to his unwavering support.”

The Caribe Award is a symbol of excellence in legislative advocacy and is awarded to those who show extraordinary dedication to the cause of state employees. Senator Yager’s receipt of this award underscores his commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of Tennessee’s state employees.

Past recipients of the Caribe Award include:
• Rep. Mike Murphy (1979)
• Speaker Jimmy Naifeh
• Representative Bill Purcell
• Senator Bob Rochelle (May 2000)
• Senator Bob Rochelle (June 2003)
• Rep. Ulysses Jones (June 2011, presented to Democratic Caucus in his honor at TEAM Convention RA 2011)
• Senator Joe Haynes (2012)
• Senator Douglas Henry (2014)
• Senator Joey Hensley (2021)

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TEAM PAC is the official political action committee of the Tennessee State Employees Association (TSEA). Its mission is to support and advocate for legislative initiatives that protect and improve the rights, benefits, and working conditions of Tennessee’s state employees.