State employees recognize Sen. Joey Hensley for years of support

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Employees Action Movement recently recognized Sen. Joey Hensley for his many years of support on the Hill for state employees. During TEAM PAC’s annual convention, Sen. Hensley received the organization’s esteemed CARIBE award, recognizing legislators who have been notably supportive of state employees.

“For many years, Senator Joey Hensley has proven to be a true friend to state employees,” TEAM-PAC Administrative Committee Chair Patricia Bowman said. “During his time in office, Sen. Hensley has listened to our concerns and worked with us to find reasonable and responsible solutions to complicated issues showing that he is committed to supporting state employees. His effective leadership and sincere interest and concern for state employees are just a few reasons why we are proud to present Senator Hensley with our esteemed CARIBE award.”

In addition to the many ways Sen. Hensley’s offered support and guidance throughout his years on the Hill, he also sponsored some significant legislation. A few notable bills include sponsoring the 2018 DCS caseload bill (Pub. Ch. 562), which prohibited DCS caseloads from exceeding an average of 20 active cases, and the recent Burden of Proof bill (currently in committee), which seeks to clarify the TEAM Act and bring equity to the appeals process for state employees. Both bills have been significant items on TSEA’s legislative agenda.

The CARIBE award, named after the Caribe Piranha for its fearless strength and tenacity, reads, “We express our heartfelt thanks for your dedication, friendship, and commitment to state employees. You have been loyal and unwavering in your support of our cause.” Sen. Joey Hensley is only the ninth recipient of the CARIBE award since its creation in 1979.

Past CARIBE award recipients include:

First Recipient – Rep. Mike Murphy – 1979
Second Recipient – Speaker Jimmy Naifeh
Third Recipient – Representative Bill Purcell
Fourth Recipient – Senator Bob Rochelle – (May 2000)
Fifth Recipient – Senator Bob Rochelle – (June 2003)
Sixth Recipient – Rep. Ulysses Jones – (June 2011, presented to Dem. Caucus in his honor at TEAM Convention RA 2011)
Seventh Recipient – Senator Joe Haynes (2012)
Eighth Recipient – Senator Douglas Henry (2014)
Ninth Recipient – Senator Joey Hensley (2021)


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