State Employees Endorse John Stevens for Tennessee Senate District 24

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The official political action committee of the Tennessee State Employees Association (TSEA), TEAM PAC, has endorsed John Stevens for Tennessee Senate District 24.

“John Stevens recognizes the importance of state employees in maintaining a functional and efficient government. His dedication to ensuring fair treatment and support for state employees makes him a trusted leader. John’s focus on judicial reform and fiscal responsibility directly benefits state employees and their communities. We endorse John Stevens for Tennessee Senate District 24,” said Pat Bowman, TEAM PAC Chair.

TEAM PAC believes that John Stevens’ commitment to state employees and his proven leadership make him the ideal candidate to represent Tennessee Senate District 24.

“We urge every voter in the 24th District who values quality public services and the hard-working state employees who provide them to support John Stevens,” Bowman also said.